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Medfirst Healthcare Services, Inc. (Stock Code: 4175)

Welcome to the Investor Relation section on the official website of Medfirst Healthcare Services, Inc. We shall use this information platform to publish the operating performance, investment strategy and financial information of the company. As the communication bridge between the company and capital markets, this section shall provide the latest information and references for advanced investment.

Medfirst Healthcare Services, Inc. was established on 4th December 1990, and was officially traded over-the-counter on 23rd April 2014 (Taiwan Stock Exchange stock code: 4175). Medfirst is Taiwan’s first medical supply retail chain to be led by a professional medical team. Since its establishment, the company has over 200 retail outlets in Taiwan and Mainland China, providing over thirty thousand types of medical supplies and related services. Medfirst’s momentum of growth is extracted from customers’ expectations towards the company and its mission to provide customers with services beyond their expectations; hence, the company shall continuously challenge itself to provide the best service. Recognition and awards from the government and civil organizations have highlighted Medfirst’s continuous efforts of emphasizing both brand and operations, and corporate social responsibilities. Medfirst upholds the spirit of “Professionalism, Service, Quality and Efficiency”, providing home care consultation services and continuously expand its scope of service with the goal of providing our people with more comprehensive care and services. Throughout the years, Medfirst has gradually accumulated strengths and become a shining star in the society due to continuous recognition by the government and our customers. We sincerely hope that more and more professionals will join the company’s team of talented personnel to continuously realize the company’s mission of becoming “Your Healthcare Consultant”.

Product category Product Series
Medical supplies Diabetes care products, respiratory care products, incontinence care products, wound dressing products, medical instruments, stoma care products, pain care products, protective gears, home healthcare, special nutrition
Healthcare Beauty care products, daily supplies, medical books, makeup, food 
Biomedical Health food, drugs
Others Contract for operating medical supply sales department of hospitals, managing hospital shopping malls and shop operators
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